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Jeallis Light Self-Tanning Water

Jeallis Light Self-Tanning Water

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A quick and easy spray tan at home.

Jeallis Self-tanning Water effortlessly create a natural-looking face and body hydrated glowy tan that blends evenly with every skin tone. Simply spray it on your face & body and wait for your self-tan to develop, no sun needed, achieving the perfect shade of tan without orange tones and blends evenly with every skin tone.


You control the intensity of your tan, if you want to go darker, simply spray more again. Available in 3 adaptable shades, choose yours based on your desired end-result:

  • Light Glow
  • Medium Tan
  • Deep Bronze


  • Sun-free tanning, easy way to achieve a spray tan at home
  • Advances formula hydrate skin against water loss
  • Vegan, natural and cruelty-free
  • Easy-to-apply, yet super effective
  • No guide colour = No blocked pores
  • Can be used to set makeup
  • No blocked pores & streaks
  • No tan-transfer onto sheets or clothes



  1. Exfoliate 24hrs before tanning
  2. Moisturize dry areas such as hands, feet, knees, ankles, and elbows prior to application
  3. Mist until skin is totally saturated, covering face. Leave hands and feet until last - blend with a tanning mitt or hand in sweeping motions
  4. Thoroughly wash palms after use
  5. Your glow will develop in 4-6hrs



Q: How often can l reapply?

A: Jeallis Self-tanning Water ia developed to last up to one week and to fade like your natural suntan would. For best results, we would suggest reapplying your preferred product every few days and keeping your skin moisturised, which helps with keeping you glowing for longer.


Q: When do l need to shower after applying the water?

A: We would recommend waiting between 6-8 hours to shower.

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